CRST 290 Final Liberty University

  1. What did Venerable Beade believe about Genesis 2?
  2. True or False: The Bible provides truth in theological and spiritual areas, but not in scientific and historical areas.
  3. There are no known Early Church authors who believed that the Earth was older than 10,000 years.
  4. By the end of the Reformation, many Protestant groups (Presbyterians, Anabaptists, Lutherans, etc.) had incorporated affirmations of a literal understanding of Genesis into their creeds, confessions, and catechisms.
  5. Peter Lombard had a clear literal view of Genesis 1.
  6. When we start with God as Creator, and that the creation has indeed been created, then this will increase our knowledge of the world, but make synthesis of different branches of knowledge more difficult.
  7. Which of the following was one of the post-Fall limitations to human observation?
  8. According to the video on Genesis 1 and the Early Church, which Christian held to an allegoricalinterpretation of Genesis 1?
  9. Which of the following was an advocate for a literal understanding of Genesis?
  10. Which of the following is NOT one of the arguments used by Dr. Wise that all people have a common knowledge of God:
  11. The Anthropic Principle tells us that:
  12. Some appearance of age in creation is reasonable and expected. For example, the shells of sea animals like clams and snails would look like they lived in them their whole life.
  13. Creationist D. Russell Humphreys successfully predicted that be magnetic reversals could be “frozen” within what types of rocks?
  14. Which of the following is an argument that the Earth is not as old as often assumed?
  15. It idea that “the present is the key to the past” is called:
  16. All science disciplines (such as biology, geology, astronomy, physics, etc.) involve repeatable experiments.
  17. Science that investigate past events are called historical sciences
  18. Earth is the only planet that has which material necessary for life in great abundance?
  19. According to measurements, how long would it take to get the oceans to their present saltiness if they started with no salt? The answer is much less than the age of the planet accepted by most geologists.
  20. Taken at face value, Genesis 1 portrays the creation of all things and God’s rest taking place over eight days.
  21. The discovery of soft tissue in dinosaur bone indicates that:
  22. Kevin Anderson discovered and described original soft tissue from which type of fossil?
  23. What ancient city appears to have abandoned the construction of a massive tower at about the same time as the Tower of Babel, recorded in the Bible?
  24. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Stephen Boyd pointed out the evidence for rapid sedimentation at a dinosaur dig site.
  25. Which view sees Genesis 1 describing the function of the cosmos (not the creation of it)?
  26. Which of the following pairs is the set of paradigms compared in Is Genesis History?
  27. Which expert in Is Genesis History? discussed the problems with radiometric dating?
  28. Which view is concerned with the origins of the biblical texts?
  29. In the movie Is Genesis History? Dr. Marcus Ross stated that predatory behavior began after Adam and Eve’s Fall in the Garden of Eden.
  30. Species from one organisms can only breed with other members of other species, and cannot be cross-bred with other species or genera.
  31. According Hans Madueme’s presentation, animal death is not connected to Adam’s fall.
  32. The Bible does not specify when the ocean’s algae were created.
  33. In non-bacterial life forms (plants, animals, fungi), DNA is found in the cell nucleus.
  34. Natural selection cannot produce new species.
  35. Besides squirrels, what other group of animals did Dr. Ross discuss and show in the video “What Darwin Got Right”?
  36. Frank Marsh coined the term baramin to describe a created “kind”.
  37. The concept that sin has had some effect our ability to think is referred to as the “___________” effects of sin.
  38. The nucleotides of DNA are grouped into three-letter combinations called:
  39. Which pioneering scientist discovered the moons of Jupiter?
  40. The hominid fossil sight with the highest diversity of human skull shapes and forms are found:
  41. The Neanderthal group is very different from modern humans
  42. A belief in a historical Adam is a relatively new view developed in the Enlightenment.
  43. Galieo believed that when there was a perceived conflict between science and the Bible,
  44. The now-disproved idea that non-living matter can produce living creatures is known as “_________________”.
  45. Theistic evolution argues that God used the pagan myths of the Ancient Near East (such as Sumer, Babylon, and Egypt) as a backdrop for Genesis 1, in order to show the Israelites how He is the one true God.
  46. Origen of Alexandria was well-known for his allegorical views of scripture. He did not believe that the details of Genesis 1-11 were historically accurate.
  47. One of the “hard problems” Dr. Wood discusses is radioactive decay. While a complete solution is not yet available, an important piece to solving this puzzle involves:
  48. When did carnivory (animals eating other animals) likely get introduced to the world?
  49. One of the possible and unusual plant communities in the Antediluvian world was:
  50. The term “firmament” means that there was a canopy of water, vapor, or ice over the Earth.
  51. Which of the following biological effects did NOT come about after the Fall?
  52. Carbon dating of fossils have shown that the fossils are much younger than assumed by old-Earth geologists.
  53. It appears that many of the craters on the moon occurred:
  54. The lifespans of people during the Antediluvian Epoch is best attributed to:
  55. The average lifespan of humans during the Antediluvian Epoch is about _________ years.
  56. Which of the following was NOT one of the human impacts of the Fall?
  57. Which of the following is NOT one of the ways that helped organisms migrate to other places during the Post-Flood Epoch?
  58. Young-age creationists would expect that fossils linking species together should be found:
  59. Young-Earth creationists believe that speciation was uncommon in the Post-Flood Epoch.
  60. Impressions, trackways, and footprints are considered fossils.
  61. Which of the following is NOT one of the evidences put forth for moving ocean crust?
  62. An animal or plant fossil that appears intermediate between two groups is called a _____________ fossil.
  63. A large number of meteors struck the Moon during Noah’s Flood.
  64. Which group of dinosaurs is claimed to have feathers?
  65. Peter links Jesus’ second coming to an allegorical (not historical) Noah’s Flood.
  66. The Sabbath was for livestock.
  67. Wise suggests that people after the Flood were both of one language and also of one worldview or perspective.
  68. Marcus Ross attended what kinds of schools throughout his education?
  69. Ross studied in the field of:
  70. The various races of people (both living today and others now gone) can be traced back most recently to which event?
  71. Apes are first found in the fossil record after (above) the first human fossils.
  72. The Sabbath was first observed at Sinai.
  73. Members of Homo erectus were most likely humans that lived during the post-Flood epoch.
  74. Even before God made humans, He knew that Adam would sin and that He would send Jesus as a sacrifice for sin.
  75. Which New Testament describes the recreation of the world, in which God restores it to a place with no more sin?