BIBL 364 Quiz 2 Liberty University

  1. According to Polhill, about how long was the period of “Paul’s silent years” when he escaped to Tarsus and remained there until Barnabas came for him in Acts 11?
  2. According to Polhill, Antioch was the __________ largest city in the Roman Empire.
  3. According to Polhill, both Luke’s report of Saul/Paul’s conversion and even Saul/Paul’s own testimony centered on one fact. What was that?
  4. According to Polhill, how many men did Cornelius command in his role as a centurion?
  5. According to Polhill, how many times does Luke record the story of Saul/Paul’s conversion?
  6. According to Polhill, how many times was Cornelius’ side of the story told in Acts 10?
  7. According to Polhill, in response to their acceptance of the gospel, Peter himself baptized Cornelius and his friends.
  8. According to Polhill, Jesus assured Saul/Paul a freedom from persecution as long as he ministered for Him.
  9. According to Polhill, Peter’s statement in 5:29, “We must obey God rather than men,” is a dangerous saying. Why does he say that?
  10. According to Polhill, Philip’s witness to the Samaritans and to the Ethiopian was a witness to the ends of the earth.
  11. According to Polhill, the “laying on of hands” for those charged with handling the food distribution should be equated with our current practice of ordination of clergy.
  12. According to Polhill, the gift of foretelling the future that Agabus demonstrated was fairly common in the early church.
  13. According to Polhill, the salvation event with Cornelius and friends is often called.
  14. According to Polhill, the statement of the high priest in 5:28 about bringing “this man’s blood upon us” indicated he feared the apostles were charging them with murder.
  15. According to Polhill, the timing of Acts 6:1 (NIV: “in those days”) was
  16. According to Polhill, the trial of Stephen
  17. According to Polhill, to what does Luke compare Saul’s actions against the church?
  18. According to Polhill, was Simon the magician a true believer or a non‐believer headed to destruction?
  19. According to Polhill, what is the significance of the story of Stephen in the flow of the Acts story?
  20. According to Polhill, what was the focus of Peter’s vision of the unclean animals?
  21. According to Polhill, what was the one thing that both Peter and his friends and Cornelius and his friends knew for certain?
  22. According to Polhill, what was the role of the Jerusalem church during this time?
  23. According to Polhill, which group held to an oral tradition as well as the written law, making them more flexible and open to change?
  24. According to Polhill, who directed the events in the encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch?
  25. According to Polhill, who made the final decision on the choice of men to solve the problem of food for the Hellenistic widows?
  26. According to Rasberry, there are about ____ references to prayer in Acts.
  27. Fowler notes that Stephen was preaching “the kind of gospel that would get him into trouble” because he was presenting Jesus as
  28. Fowler points out that threats to God’s plan always come from outside the “church invisible” (the true fellowship of God’s people).
  29. Fowler states that in Peter’s vision in Acts 10, God was stating that ______ must not interfere with the spread of the gospel.
  30. Fowler states that Luke presents two main themes in Stephen’s message. The first is that that the Jews have a penchant for rejecting God’s chosen leaders. What is the second?
  31. How many Jewish men had accompanied Peter from Joppa to the home of Cornelius?
  32. Per Rasberry, the focus regarding prayer in Acts 2:42 is prayer ______.
  33. Polhill notes that Cornelius is a pious man. Which of the acts of Jewish piety is NOT mentioned by Luke as being practiced by Cornelius?
  34. Polhill points out that when Peter went to Jerusalem after the event with Cornelius, the group in Jerusalem raised questions about
  35. Polhill shows that Luke likens the dispersal of the believers out of Jerusalem to what?
  36. Rasberry states that “true Christian __________ has God at its center.”
  37. The advice of Gamaliel in the offense of the apostles was to ______.
  38. While Peter was preaching to Cornelius and his friends, …